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  20th Engineer Bde      86th Engineer Bn    


There is no sanity iin this country. We can send a man to the moon or travel to the depths of the sea. We can waste money on a $200.00 hammer or spend $40 million to find out if the President had an affair and lied about it..

We can spending money to help other countries in times of need.

BUT!!!! our leaders can't find the desire or need to help the homeless veteran or bring a full accounting of our brothers who've been missing for over 30 Years.

How can the government justify this...

We as Americans and Veterans of a War directed and lost by our politicians, must take a stand now and force our leaders to make a full accounting of our Prisoners of War or Missing in Action brothers and bring a closure to this madness.

How can we come to talking with the same country that holds the clues to our POW/MIA's, and not cause them to help us find our people !!!!!?????

What kind of government do we have.

Call your local do nothing Congressman or Congresswoman and lite a fire under their seat.

Maybe the'll get the message and bring our people home. If not vote them out of office. I'd be willing to bet that if their brother, sister, mother, father, or child was missing they would be at the front of the line demanding accountability and closure.

We as Vietnam Veterans realize that POW/MIA is our brother, sister, mother, father, or child and we want an accounting of them.

We want a solution to the situation NOW not TOMORROW......

Go to your local Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter and get involved. If you don't have a VVA Chapter near you then join the VFW or American Legion or any other local Veterans Association because they want an accounting too. Become Active.. We can overcome in numbers. Use your VOTE.. Put someone in office who listens and cares.

The Viking Sapper:



Please take time to read about my adopted POW/Mia Brothers

I want an accounting of them.


I CARE ---- DO YOU??????



Arlie Robert Mangus

William Lawrence Deane



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