Chaplain Jim Speese, Chaplain
LTC USAFRRet (Deceased 2000)
In September of 1790 the Constitution became an effective part of America. What does it offer us, and what are our responsibilities? How does it affect the lives of the people of the United States of America?

WE, THE PEOPLE are fortunate to live in a land where freedom is for EVERYONE, regardless of economic or social status, race or creed.

WE, THE PEOPLE, are blessed with religious freedom in worship and assembly, following our own consciences, without fear of government restraint or interference.

WE, THE PEOPLE, are privileged to enjoy the fruits of democracy, in a constitutionally based government of executive, judicial and legislative branches.

WE, THE PEOPLE,  are challenged with a wide range of opportunities for personal and vocational achievement limited only by our desires and capabilities.

WE, THE PEOPLE, have been reared by an affluent economy, and high standard of living, resulting from free enterprise and individual initiative.

HOWEVER, WE DARE NOT TAKE THESE THINGS FOR GRANTED. The rights and freedoms we cherish have been earned at a price. It was the dedicated service, and sacrifice, of countless millions which made it possible, serving in the military, In the government, and as private citizens.   As we accept the privileges of our Constitutional freedom, then ours is a RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN them by strengthening the moral fiber of America, and by assuring that law and justice be effective enough to prevent their decay.

OURS IS A RESPONSIBILITY TO ASSURE, that these things continue to be part of our heritage through commitment, decision and determined effort.

OURS IS A RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN military preparedness and strength capable of deterring any would-be aggressors.

OURS IS A RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE that the full measure of freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, is preserved for all our people.

OURS IS A RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP the underprivileged, the oppressed, and enslaved peoples of the earth, that they too, may achieve a like measure of rights and freedoms.

OURS IS A RESPONSIBILITY TO ATTAIN world leadership in eliminating war and terrorism, and to seek to bring peace and understanding between distrustful and suspicious peoples. and nations.

WE, THE PEOPLE, can lose our heritage of rights and freedoms by apathy, neglect, and indifference. WE DARE NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! Let us, as American citizens, ACCEPT OUR RESPONSIBILITIES, that America might continue to be the champion and protagonist for the yearning peace and freedom loving peoples throughout the world.